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No Nice Girl Peggy Gaddis

No Nice Girl

Peggy Gaddis

Published January 20th 2014
Kindle Edition
157 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When a thoroughly “nice” girl is clever as well, let her less strongly armed sisters beware.Phyllis Gordon was completely honest and very intelligent. Terry McLean was her first and only lover, and she knew his declarations were sincere. But Phyllis cared too much for him to marry him until she had rid herself of her unrequited passion for her millionaire employer, Kenyon Rutledge.But that looked like a hopeless cause, because Kenyons fiancee, Letty Lawrence, was also well equipped with beauty and brains, and she had money besides. How’s a girl to compete with that?Then Phylliss little country cousin Anice Mayhew’s arrival in town spelled danger for both Phyllis and Letty. For Anice was dewy-eyed, super sweet . . . and diabolically innocent.Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors