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Showdown (Choose Your Own Adventure, #127) Shannon Gilligan

Showdown (Choose Your Own Adventure, #127)

Shannon Gilligan

Published August 1st 1992
ISBN : 9780553292978
128 pages
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 About the Book 

Youre The Star! 14 Exciting Endings! Can You Survive The Deadly Competition At The Horse Show? You are a top contender in the Sudbury Horse Classic, one of the years most important national horse shows. When you overhear a man plotting to kill a horse insured for half a million dollars, you realize theres more at stake here than a blue ribbon. If you dont act fast, this prized show jumper will lose its life. You could go to the authorities, but by the time they arrive it might be too late. What will you do?If you decide to go straight to the police, turn to page 105. If you decide to try to save the horse on your own, turn to page 11. But be careful! These people will stop at nothing to get what they want. But if you manage to foil their plans, you may end up a champion and a hero!What happens next in the story? It all depends on the choices you make. How does the story end? Only you can find out! And the best part is that you can keep reading and rereading until youve had not one but many incredibly daring experiences!