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Being Human H K Abell

Being Human

H K Abell

Published February 14th 2014
ISBN : 9781434873835
654 pages
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 About the Book 

The novel is full of dark humour, philosophical musings, sex, drugs and rock and roll.... It focuses around a young man who suddenly finds himself very ill, possibly dying, and for the life of him, cannot bring himself to do any of the clich? things we are told we should do if we find ourselves in this situation ( i.e. go skydiving, travel to Europe, etc...) He is a product of this slacker generation, and so in a way is everyman... he seeks meaning in his work, in pop culture, in religion, in sex, in drugs, and comes up short. The book explores the clichs of young adult male ennui, and is not afraid to laugh at itself, or even slap itself across the face when it tries to take itself too seriously. Even the title itself, Being Human is ironically pretentious.... and purposefully so.